The "other" 1919 Running Back

Today was an exciting day at the mail box.  I received my Pete Stinchcomb from a trade with another collector.  It's a beautiful signature that fits perfectly in my collection since I am an index card/GPC kind of guy.

This obviously came out of the Dr. John Davis collection as you can see on the addressed side of the post card.  As another collector once told me, "Your football collection is not complete without at least one item from John Davis, one from Jimmy Timbers, and one from John Smith."

My Jack Wilce letter was written to Jimmy Timbers and now I've checked John Davis off the list as well.  I guess I have to find me one of the tougher Ohio State All-Americans that John Smith wrote to.

I'm extremely excited to add the half back that teamed up with the great "Chic" Harley in Ohio State's first win against Michigan.


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