Four All-Americans scratched off the list

This past weekend in Columbus, I attended both days of the inaugural Midwest Sports Spectacular. It was a two-day autograph and card show at the Courtyard by Marriott, sponsored by Ohio Sports Marketing, 4th and Goal, and 97.1 The Fan.  

The show allowed me to add four All-Americans to my collection that I previously didn't have: John Hicks, Randy Gradishar, Mike Doss, and Ryan Shazier.  

Notice how fat the 1 is in #10 under Ryan Shazier's signature.  He started to write #2 and in mid-stroke changed it to #10.  Pretty neat, especially since I asked another collector while waiting in line, "I wonder which number he's sign with his autograph?"  If you don't know the story, Shazier switched his number mid-season from #10 to #2 to honor his injured teammate Christian Bryant.

John Hicks and Randy Gradishar were two other All-Americans that are tough to get so I was happy that I had an opportunity to get them at the show.

I was particularly excited about the Mike Doss as he is one of only eight three-time All-Americans to ever play football at Ohio State.  It also brings my count down to two of those eight that I still need to obtain for my collection.

UPDATE: I saw an opportunity to upgrade my Ryan Shazier (wasn't fond of his signature not being centered) so I had that done on April 2, 2017 at The CSA Show.


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